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This section contains an ever-growing array of information and links related to the Internet in Russia. All articles and images are reproduced on this site with permission from the respective publishers, as applicable.

Samovar co-founder Bill Fick writes a column about the Russian Internet called "Webwatch" every other Tuesday in The Moscow Times. Topics range from humorous pieces about virtual expat holidays on the Web to serious consumer reports about Internet Service Providers in Moscow. Every edition of the column is archived here, and Bill welcomes reader feedback and questions.

Samovar founders Bill Fick and Olga Galkina contributed feature articles to the 18 October 1996 issue of the Open Media Research Institute's journal Transition. Bill's article, "The Internet Lurches Forward in Russia", offers a good introduction to connectivity in the region, although the demographic statistics about users are already outdated due to rapid growth. In "Kids on the Net", Olga examines use of the Internet in the classroom across the region.

Recognizing the Internet's prominence in Russia, the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia devoted its entire July-August 1996 journal to "The Network of Networks". Prominent members of the American business community in Moscow contributed articles on topics such as "Virtual Business", "Security", "The Internet and the Law", and "Marketing On-Line". You can read Bill Fick's article, "Making the Right Connection", here.

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